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4639 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska 99835

907 747-3032

Fortress Of The Bear an educational bear rescue center located in Sitka, Alaska. We bring orphaned bears from all over the state of Alaska and find homes for them in zoos and sanctuaries internationally.  We currently have 8 resident orphaned bears in 3 separate enclosures.  These enclosures mimic the natural settings that they would normally be found.  Visitors view from above in a covered area and have the opportunity to observe and photographic their continuous antics.

Wish List


As an alternative to donating funds, you may choose to purchase and donate items, materials and/or services that are shown on our wish list below. We will update this list periodically, but in some cases it may be helpful for you to confirm that your wish list list donation still is an unmet need. Call the office at 907-747-0524 with any questions you might have about anything on (or not on) the wish list. As always, we are grateful that you have chosen to join with us through your support and contribution. Thank you!

Current Wish List

Updated August 14, 2018

Bear Treats

Oatmeal (for cubs!)
Dog food/treats

Husbandry Supplies

Buckets (5 gallon +)
Scrub Brushes
Trash Bags
Trash Collectors/Cans
Golf Cart

Food Prep

Stainless Steel Tables
Sink Units
Food Storage Bins
Weighing Scales
Electrical Hook-up Services
Water Hook-up Services

Visitor Amenities



Pipe 2-7/8”, 8’ length
High pressure water system
Lumber, all sizes weather treated
9 gauge chain link fencing
Sheet metal

We are desperate need of a new or used tractor... If you can help we would be most grateful!