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4639 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska 99835

907 747-3032

Fortress Of The Bear an educational bear rescue center located in Sitka, Alaska. We bring orphaned bears from all over the state of Alaska and find homes for them in zoos and sanctuaries internationally.  We currently have 8 resident orphaned bears in 3 separate enclosures.  These enclosures mimic the natural settings that they would normally be found.  Visitors view from above in a covered area and have the opportunity to observe and photographic their continuous antics.



Brown Bear Breezeway

This is a project we've had in the works for quite some time now, which finally seems to be taking shape and progressing quickly! The ultimate goal for this project is to construct a walkway that connects our two existing brown bear habitats, combining two large enclosures into one huge one! Until very recently, our two resident brown bear populations could only smell and hear one another, but as we have progressed, the two groups can now watch each other from either end of the tunnel! For the first time ever! 

By joining the two habitat spaces, not only will we increase the overall habitat space for each bear, but we will also give them the opportunity to interact with each other physically! Our staff are so excited about this prospect, and how it will improve the quality of life for all our brown bears.We are already predicting that Killisnoo and Lucky, our two clowns, will become fast friends. And there's no doubt in anyone's mind that Toby, our only female brown bear, will take charge of the whole group! 

The introduction process will be slow, calm and overseen by both Bear Manager Claire Turner and Director Les Kinnear. 

Black Bear Cub Climbing Frame 

If you've been following the updates on our facebook page over the last year since black bear cubs Smokey, Bandit and Tuliaan arrived, you'll know that they are very adventurous and love to climb! When they first moved into their brand new habitat in Mat 2014, it included 7 beautiful alder trees, which the cubs quickly took to scrambling up! They would spend hours lounging across the limbs napping, or play fighting in the branches like fluffy little gladiators, racing to be the first at the top branch! Unfortunately, the little alder trees did not survive the cub's rough and tumble play times for very long, and soon every single leaf and branch was stripped bare. All that remains now are thin trunks, that are not so fun to climb! So, while the cubs are asleep this winter, we're hoping to build them an exciting new climbing frame to replace the trees. We are still in the design stage currently, but the plans are taking shape and look like a lot of fun so far! Different levels, tunnels, tire bridges, swinging toys and even bear-sized hammocks... We have a feeling the cubs are going to love it!

Food Prep Area

We would venture to say that our bears are probably the best fed bears in captivity. They enjoy fresh fish from local fish processing plants (Silver Bay Seafoods, Seafood Producers and Sitka Sound Seafoods) and produce from both of the major markets in town (Seamart and AC Lakeside). We currently prepare their meals in converted garage that leaks. Our keepers do an amazing job of cleaning and weighing each days diet under fairly primitive circumstances. We have the building and some of the infrastructure needed, but we need roofing and utility hookups to make it happen.