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4639 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska 99835

907 747-3032

Fortress Of The Bear an educational bear rescue center located in Sitka, Alaska. We bring orphaned bears from all over the state of Alaska and find homes for them in zoos and sanctuaries internationally.  We currently have 8 resident orphaned bears in 3 separate enclosures.  These enclosures mimic the natural settings that they would normally be found.  Visitors view from above in a covered area and have the opportunity to observe and photographic their continuous antics.


Our Mission

We provide protection and care to rescued animals in
an enriching, educational environment.


Bears ruled Alaska long before fishermen, gold miners, or cruise ships arrived. As their territory has diminished, more and more bear cubs have become orphaned and sick. The state of Alaska has no bear rehabilitation program in place, and unfortunately orphaned cubs are routinely shot by the Department of Fish and Game for lack of an alternative. Until now. At Fortress of the Bear, our mission is to rescue cubs, bring them back to health and provide a long life full of enrichment.  

Our rescue center opened in 2007, and now houses 7 bears. More than 20,000 visitors per year come to experience the majesty of these amazing creatures. We’ve sent bears to the Bronx Zoo, Montana Grizzly Encounter and the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boyd, Texas. Our goal is to work with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game to someday release rehabbed bears back into the wild. As a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization, we rely solely on admission fees and donations for funding. 



Bienvenido a Fortaleza del Oso!
Este es un santuario de osos.
Los osos aquí fueron huérfanos, y habrían sido asesinados.
Pero rescatamos a los osos. Y les dio un hogar.


Bienvenue à la forteresse de l'ours!
C'est un sanctuaire d'ours.
Les ours ici étaient orphelins et devaient être tués.
Mais nous avons sauvé les ours. Et leur a donné une maison.

Maligayang pagdating sa Fortress of the Bear!
Ito ay isang santuwaryo na oso.
Ang mga oso ay mga ulila. Sila ay halos pinatay.
Ngunit naligtas namin ang mga bear. At binigyan sila ng bahay.

Willkommen in der Festung des Bären!
Dies ist ein Bärenheiligtum.
Die Bären hier waren verwaist. Sie wurden fast getötet.
Aber wir haben die Bären gerettet. Und gab ihnen ein Zuhause.

Benvenuti nella Fortezza dell'Orso!
Questo è un rifugio per gli orsi.
Gli orsi qui erano rimasti orfani. Sono stati quasi uccisi.
Ma abbiamo salvato gli orsi. E dato loro una casa.

добро пожаловать в крепость медведей!
Это медвежье святилище.
Медведи здесь остались сиротами и были бы убиты.
Но мы спасли медведей. И дал им дом.


 مرحبا بكم في قلعة الدب!
هذا هو مأوى الدب.
الدببة هنا تيتموا ، وكانوا سيقتلون.
لكننا أنقذنا الدببة. وأعطاهم منزلاً.

곰의 요새에 오신 것을 환영합니다!
이것은 곰 보호 구역입니다.
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